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The CoinDogg token ($DOG) contract has officially been audited by independent smart contract auditors, Quill Audits providing independent verification of the safety of CoinDogg’s contract ahead of the upcoming token listing date.

Quill Audits is India-based and is recognized as one of the leading smart contract auditors globally having audited smart contracts for over 100 projects, representing 100K lines of code, and securing $2.9 Billion USD in funds.

In a recent change to bolster confidence for CoinDogg’s presale the project team has made the decision to lock up the remaining tokens allocated for early adopters and growing the ecosystem.

The move takes the total amount of locked $DOG to 927,502,326.00, which is equivalent to 92.75% of the total supply and makes the project basically rug proof!

The key advantage for holders of the project team locking such a large portion of the total supply away is that it gives absolute certainty that the project will not dump tokens after the ILO causing the trading price to crash. …

On the 7th of May at 12:00 AM UTC, CoinDogg officially kicked off their initial liquidity offering (ILO) on decentralized exchange SakeSwap. Depending on your timezone and sleeping schedule you’d be forgiven for missing the whole thing, with the entire process being sold out and over in less than four hours!

The sale raised a cool 20 ETH for the project and comes off the back of a successful month just being completed on the ExMarket’s exchange launchpad both initiatives aimed to help realize the vision of supporting independent content creators across the globe and accelerating the adoption of crypto…

Introduction to vesting

The concept of vesting is not new or unique to crypto. It is used in every venture-backed company to protect early-stage investors by aligning their interests with founder incentives.

In the mainstream/FIAT world, vesting typically applies to a founder's shareholding and is governed by a vesting schedule that dictates how a founder is awarded or earns their stock over time. …

Following the success of CoinDogg’s round three promotion and the buying frenzy that ensued! The CoinDogg team has decided to offer one final promotion to punters intended to maintain the project’s momentum and community growth as we approach the token being listed for trading.

Similar to the previous round, we will be offering a mammoth prize pool for those who purchase DOG tokens through the ExMarket’s launchpad. This time the prize pool will total $10,000 USD worth of DOG tokens, which will be distributed to those who purchase more than $100 USD of DOG.

Buyers will receive one share of…

The CoinDogg team in conjunction with ExMarkets cryptocurrency exchange are excited to announce the creation of a $20,000 USD prize pool to be claimed!

The promotion is set to run for the duration of the third round of CoinDogg’s IEO on the ExMarkets launchpad.

The twenty thousand dollar prize pool is set to be distributed amongst traders who purchase more than $100 USD worth of DOG tokens throughout the promotion period with prizes being distributed through the ExMarkets exchange at the conclusion of the IEO.

Buyers will receive one share of the prize pool for every $100 USD worth of…

Mid last month we launched the CoinDogg early adopter’s program for content creators who are interested in participating in our beta launch to monetize their audiences. While the outreach has been relatively limited so far, and with more extensive outreach campaigns planned before the public launch, we are already seeing extremely promising signs in terms of our engagement with creators.

At present, the creators on our waitlist command a collective audience of just over 3 million subscribers across their social channels, and with more creators joining that waitlist every day and that number is growing steadily!

The willingness and excitement…

CoinDogg is building the blockchain’s first digital rewards platform for content creators and their supporters. We’re on a mission to keep the internet independent, weird, and whacky by helping creators unlock new revenue streams from the content they create.

Our platform lets creators monetize their content in any currency (FIAT or crypto) on any platform through fan donations while rewarding fans for their support in the form of tradable NFT rewards.

We do this through our donation widget link in bio tool (see below) that acts as a hub connecting all of a creators social channels with an integrated payment…

It’s official, the CoinDogg (DOG) token sale conducted through cryptocurrency exchange, ExMarkets was officially oversubscribed for its first token sale round and has SOLD OUT!

We’re extremely happy to announce this result off the back of a highly engaging Ask Me Anything (AMA) session and are looking forward to continuing to see the CoinDogg community grow throughout the subsequent token sale rounds.

The AMA session was conducted on the ExMarkets Telegram channel on the 13th of April and gave those interested in the project a platform to ask anything and everything related to the project's team, vision, go-to-market strategy, and…

Most of the buzz in the crypto community for the past few months has been around NFTs and with exciting new use cases being thought of almost daily, it's easy to understand why this is the case. Already in 2021, we have seen the launch of NBA Top Shots whose market capitalization is more than $1.9 billion USD at the time of writing, making the project more valuable than the median NBA franchise!

We’ve also seen long-standing records in the art world be challenged by comparatively unknown artists like Beeple, whose artwork was famously sold by Christie’s auction house for…


Supporting content creators and taking cryptocurrency to the moon!

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