CoinDogg: An NFT Rewards Platform for Content Creators and their Supporters

CoinDogg is on a mission to build the first blockchain-based digital rewards platform for content creators and their supporters. Our platform will empower independent creators to monetize their content in any currency on any platform and reward their loyal followers with tradeable NFT rewards.

To fulfill our vision we’ve enlisted the help of leading blockchain advisory Token Minds, and have the backing of Antler, one of the largest and fastest-growing venture capital firms globally.

While we’re currently busy building out our MVP and preparing for our upcoming token sale you can monitor our progress by following us on Twitter or joining our community on Telegram.

We will be listing our ERC-20, CoinDogg (DOG) token for sale on the popular exchange Exmarkets, and are aiming to have our first platform users by July 2021.

For full details on our project plans and roadmap please see our whitepaper available here.

In the meantime here’s a sneak peek of the first screens for our donation widget. The widget will be custom for each user and is the portal where fans can support their favorite creators.

For more updates on our progress follow CoinDogg on Twitter, join our Telegram, or visit us at

Supporting content creators and taking cryptocurrency to the moon!