CoinDogg’s early adopters’ combined audience surpasses 3 million subscribers!

Mid last month we launched the CoinDogg early adopter’s program for content creators who are interested in participating in our beta launch to monetize their audiences. While the outreach has been relatively limited so far, and with more extensive outreach campaigns planned before the public launch, we are already seeing extremely promising signs in terms of our engagement with creators.

At present, the creators on our waitlist command a collective audience of just over 3 million subscribers across their social channels, and with more creators joining that waitlist every day and that number is growing steadily!

The willingness and excitement amongst creators to implement our tools is particularly encouraging with a conversion rate of more than 37% based on our initial outreach. This is particularly good news for CoinDogg’s token, as it’s the creators themselves who bring their fans into the CoinDogg ecosystem and that in turn increases demand for the DOG token.

Most creators that have signed up to be the first to implement CoinDogg’s link in bio donation widget tool, have been crypto-focused and predominately use platforms like YouTube and Twitter to communicate with their fans.

There are also creators groups emerging from our early adopters including Instagram influencers and Twitch live streamers many of whom stream video games.

We expect the beta version of the platform to be ready for early adopters to begin using sometime around the beginning of June with more details and follow-up announcements to come soon.

In the meantime, we still have our early adopter’s program waitlist available for creators to join which they can do so by completing the form below.

For further details on the early adopter’s program check out our earlier Medium post here.

For more updates on our progress follow CoinDogg on Medium, Twitter, join our Telegram, or visit us at

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