$DOG contract certified by Quill Audits

The CoinDogg token ($DOG) contract has officially been audited by independent smart contract auditors, Quill Audits providing independent verification of the safety of CoinDogg’s contract ahead of the upcoming token listing date.

Quill Audits is India-based and is recognized as one of the leading smart contract auditors globally having audited smart contracts for over 100 projects, representing 100K lines of code, and securing $2.9 Billion USD in funds.

The contract audit undertaken by the CoinDogg team comes as a timely milestone. CoinDogg willingly engaging and passing the assessments of Quill Audits should signal a positive sign for investors and help cement the quality of the project.

The contract auditing steps follow previous actions taken by the CoinDogg team to lock 97.25% of tokens in a Trust Swap contract to provide guarantees against token dumping for investors.

For more information on the CoinDogg project, development, follow us on Twitter, join our Telegram community, or visit us at www.coindogg.com




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Supporting content creators and taking cryptocurrency to the moon!

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