FINAL ROUND — $10K Prize Pool Announced

Following the success of CoinDogg’s round three promotion and the buying frenzy that ensued! The CoinDogg team has decided to offer one final promotion to punters intended to maintain the project’s momentum and community growth as we approach the token being listed for trading.

Similar to the previous round, we will be offering a mammoth prize pool for those who purchase DOG tokens through the ExMarket’s launchpad. This time the prize pool will total $10,000 USD worth of DOG tokens, which will be distributed to those who purchase more than $100 USD of DOG.

Buyers will receive one share of the prize pool for every $100 USD worth of tokens purchased so larger purchases will attract larger shares of the prize money. The total prize pool will be divided by the total number of shares at the end of the period.

The promotion is set to run for the duration of the fourth and final round of CoinDogg’s IEO on the ExMarkets launchpad.

>>>Tokens can be purchased via the ExMarkets launchpad page here.

The promotion will end once the entire allocation of tokens has been exhausted so get in quick to claim your share of the prizes to be claimed!

Finally, the team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes building the project and growing the community and are hoping to release some exciting news to the community sometime next week! Make sure you follow us on socials below so that you can be the first to know!

For more information on the CoinDogg project and future promotions follow CoinDogg on Twitter, join our Telegram community, or visit us at

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