Unlock the value of your most loyal fans!

CoinDogg is building the blockchain’s first digital rewards platform for content creators and their supporters. We’re on a mission to keep the internet independent, weird, and whacky by helping creators unlock new revenue streams from the content they create.

Our platform lets creators monetize their content in any currency (FIAT or crypto) on any platform through fan donations while rewarding fans for their support in the form of tradable NFT rewards.

We do this through our donation widget link in bio tool (see below) that acts as a hub connecting all of a creators social channels with an integrated payment portal.

CoinDogg Donation Widget

The widget is completely customizable so you can add links to the channels you use and specific content you’d like to highlight. You can also adjust the look and feel of the interface to match your brand!

It’s free for content creators to start using our platform to collect donations from their fan base and we’re currently accepting expressions of interest for our early adopter’s program ahead of our upcoming beta launch.

If you’re a creator and like to start using CoinDogg’s tools to collect donations from your fanbase simply sign up using the form below and we’ll be in touch ahead of our beta launch.

If you’re a fan that knows are creator that this would be perfect for, then spread the word and feel free to share!

You can also support by participating in the CoinDogg token sale happening now on Exmarkets launch pad.

For more updates on our progress follow CoinDogg on Medium, Twitter, join our Telegram, or visit us at www.coindogg.com




Supporting content creators and taking cryptocurrency to the moon!

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Supporting content creators and taking cryptocurrency to the moon!

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